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Principal's Corner


  Principal's Corner

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the principal of Bagley School for another year.

At Bagley, we are committed toensuring that everyone is treated with respect. I promise to provide asafe, positive and caring school experience so that all students feelvalued and encouraged to achieve their best.

Our teachers work diligently to createa learning atmosphere that is responsive to the differences in ourstudents’ academic levels, interests, and learning styles. Theelementary and middle school years are an exciting time of learning andgrowth for our students. These years provide students with opportunitiesto begin a love for reading, explore new interests, and expand skills.We believe that all students should be provided with high academic andbehavioral standards, and we are committed to the pursuit of excellencefor all students.

Communication between home and schoolis very important to the success of your child. I hope that each of youwill remain active in your child’s education. Always keep the lines ofcommunication open and reinforce the skills and procedures introduced bythe classroom teachers on a daily basis.

Please know that you are a criticalpart of our school. Your active support and contribution is needed as weseek to provide a positive learning environment for all of ourstudents. There are many ways you can get involved at school. Pleasejoin our outstanding PTO. They do so much to support our schoolprograms. Your participation in PTO fundraisers is a critical part inmaking Bagley a success.

Education is a joint venture betweenschool and home. Parents are a vital part of the Bagley community. Ilook forward to working with you and developing a relationship that willassist in the growth of your children. I encourage any questions,comments, or concerns that may arise throughout the year. Please feelfree to visit Bagley, contact your child’s teacher, our office, and me. Ihope that each and every child has a rewarding, positive, andsuccessful experience at Bagley.

Phillip Ackerman