Book Club

               April Book Club                   

Genre of the Month:
Fairy Tale or Science Fiction

Who:  Anyone K-4 can participate!
What:  K & 1 read one picture book (with help if needed); 2-4 Read one age appropriate chapter book.
When:  Read at home each month!
Where:  You can use books from home, the library or the bookstore.
Why:  Reading at home just  15 minutes a day can expose students to more than a million words in a year AND you will be honored at Award’s Day (If you read and complete a ticket on time every month)

Bagley’s Book Club Ticket: 
Choose ONE way to share your book….. Your finished product is your ticket! 
Tickets are due to your HR TEACHER by April 28th! PINTEREST has some great elementary book report ideas J

Please make sure your reports/paragraphs are grade level appropriate.
One or two sentences are not appropriate for a 2nd-4th grader.

  • Write a summary or report                       * Graphic Organizer (print off at home)
  • Write a poem or song                                 * Draw and label art work to go with the story (Must include summary)
  • Write a News Report/ Article                   *  Book Mobiles
  • Poster Report                                               *  Flip Books
  • Coke Bottle/Milk Jug Character/Soup Can (Must include a paragraph or two about the story)

Reading and understanding is more important than making a “pretty project”.  The ticket is a simple, creative way to show your comprehension or what information was learned while reading.